Something other-worldly comes to Leeds nightlife this weekend as Andrew Weatherall’s ‘A Love From Outer Space’ touches down in the city’s longest running and most hedonistic party, Back to Basics. Weatherall is of course Basic’s longest standing ‘resident guest’ DJ, regularly appearing at the club since its inception in 1991. A true non-conformist and the master of reinvention, a Weatherall performance is always an event but it’s his latest incarnation, ALFOS as it’s become affectionately known, that makes it’s Basics debut and which should add extra anticipation to the proceedings.

Formed in the basement of a Stoke Newington pub in 2010 after sharing a love of strange, slow new beat records with his then driver Sean Johnston, ALFOS has grown out of that basement to go on the road and grace some of the world’s most discerning dance floors and festivals. Sticking to their mantra of ‘never knowingly exceeding 122bpm’; their sound has perhaps evolved from those early beginnings but the overall theme is a glorious demonstration of chugging, hypnotic electronic music, often drenched in acid crescendos with even a few oddball pop records not unheard of. Weatherall’s love of dub influences and super loose live bass lines are never far away either. Simply put, it’s a ride you want to strap yourself in for.
andrew weatherall & sean johnston present a love from outer space
Since losing their regular venue last year, Basic’s has enjoyed a somewhat nomadic existence with pop up parties around the city and two recent, very successful and rocking parties at Wire but it’s at Belgrave Music Hall that promoter Dave Beer chose to stage Saturday’s event. “We’ve been putting a lot of work into this one and plan on turning it into something from outer space. There will be a separate entrance and access to the roof terrace for a bit of star gazing. We are putting a lot of production into this, and a tip, if you’ve got anything white to wear, wear it and you will glow with the flow”.
Basic’s hasn’t got to 23 years in the business without Dave’s tenacity, passion and attention to detail for throwing a right royal knees up and he’s currently working on setting up a club of his own, FIFO. A space Dave says will be for creative individuals to express themselves in their own way. “At the moment I am battling against the forces that be; legislation, licencing, health and safety etc etc boring, boring, to create something really special and otherworldly. Ironically FIFO stands for ‘Fit In or Fuck Off’ but there’s not a chance in the world we are going anywhere, Leeds is where the heart is”.

Like his guest DJ on Saturday night, Basic’s has seen various scenes come and go and stayed true to their original values. You wouldn’t bet against them stopping any time soon.

Saturday November 1st

10pm – 6am
Back to Basics Presents ‘A Love From Outer Space’ with Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston
Belgrave Music Hall, Cross St, Leeds
Tickets: £12 / MOTD –

Pre-Party from 8pm at The Libertine, Blenheim Terrace with Clandestino DJ’s