Clandestino 050 – Jonah Considine

Jonah Considine

Jonah Considine, 19 year old DJ and Producer first started collecting records at the age of 7. He is the brains and programmer behind Contradisco, the well respected monthly club known to many, who have booked the likes of Erol Alkan, Gemini Bros, Ghost Culture, Morgan Hammer, Justin Robertson & Moullinex. Fascinated by all genres of music, sound and beats, Considine chooses to mix it all up, something evident and clear when you experience him DJ. Jonah is Nein Records up and coming boy wonder, he releases his debut single “Golden Flu” this month. Featuring remixes from DJs Pareja, Drvg Culture, Craig Bratley, and Cannibal Ink available from itunes and juno on Monday 13th April.



Clandestino 049 – Gemini Brothers

gemini bros

Bucharest based producers/ remixers/ DJs, the Gemini Brothers describe 2014 as their “remix year”. Tronik Youth, Shindu & Future Bones amongst others on the list of artists getting their trade mark, slo-mo, dirty arpeggiated dark disco mixes.

2015 is more about original tracks with releases already scheduled at least from May to September. We’ve got an EP on Duncan Grays Tici Taci imprint to look forward to in May, with remixes from Somerville & Wilson as well as a Tici Taci version. Then there’s another EP in June on the fantastic Nein Records featuring remixes from In Flagranti, Daniel Kyo (Poker Flat), Lokier and Teniente Castillo. There’s also stuff coming on new french label called Mange Moi and Sheffield based Itchy Pig. Combined with more remixes still to drop, it’s looking like we’ll be hearing a lot more from Gemini Brothers this year.

If you’d like to catch them live they DJ at the Pre Party & the Nein Records Igloo @ Alfresco Festival in Blackpool – May 23rd & 24th. There’s further UK dates in Newcastle & Birmingham in June. As well as gigs lined up Prague, Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid or Cordoba.



Clandestino KMAH Radio Show – 001

6aUpj36nThe first instalment of our new monthly radio show on brand new radio network KMAH. Featuring tracks from Moscoman, Bufiman & Marcus Marr. We speak to ManPower on the phone and feature a track from his forthcoming album. Enjoy!


Clandestino 041 – Neil Diablo

Our good friend Neil from the institution that is El Diablos has sent us a great selection just in time for the party season. Neil has established El Diablos Social Club has one of Manchester’s greatest nights alongside Electric Chair and even the Hacienda. El Diablos has now spawned two record labels; the edits focused ‘Rack & Ruin’ and ‘EDSCR’ with recent music from DJ Rocca, Craig Bratley and Ron Basejam. Look our for an EP from ourselves on EDSCR next year



Clandestino 040 – Rothmans

Rothmans is one of our ‘go to’ labels; guaranteed to always release music that fits in with the Clandestino ethos so we are pleased to have a mix for our series from them. We are assured the set contains mostly unreleased material with red hot cuts from Tusk Wax, Tim Fairplay and Brassica plus tracks from our EP that will be released on Rothmans next year



Clandestino 039 – Tronik Youth


Tronik Youth steps into the virtual Clandestino booth this week to lay down a searing electronic selection. Currently causing waves with his Nein Records imprint look out for releases in the coming months for Dark Strands, DJ Rocca and Danielle Baldelli. Tronik himself has a new track out now on Tici Taci with a new slab of wax coming next month on Rotten City with mixes from Red Axes and Richard Sen