Clandestino 045 – Peza

We caught Peza soundtracking a beautifully sunny Saturday afternoon last September at the fantastic Festival No.6 and ever since then he’s been on our hit list for a mix. Of course, we were already well aware of his super-cool edits on Authodiscotheque and A&R. If you’ve not heard his Human League re-interpretation; you simply aint dancing in the right places. Look out for a forthcoming remix of Tronik Youth’s ‘Splinter of the Mind’s Eye’ on Nein, and his next single ‘Mekon’ on Peter Herbert’s Maxi Discs. Scottish folk could do worse than head to the Reading Rooms in Dundee on March 27th where Peza plays with Dicky Trisco and ALFOS. His mix for us is a beauty; very much the sound of where underground dance music is at in 2015 as far as we’re concerned. Lock yourself in, Peza is at the controls…



Clandestino 044 – Black Merlin (Part 3)


Completing his third instalment for us we welcome back George Thompson in his Black Merlin guise. George’s mixes are always some of our most well received and this one should be no different. Quite unlike most other things you’ll hear; which is of course our mission to bring you interesting sounds from way out there. Black Merlin will shortly be releasing an as of yet untitled album via the Indonesian record label, Island of the Gods. Which George recorded in Indonesia featuring Gamelan music and atmospheric recordings of his experiences there.



Clandestino 043 – DJ Rocca


A nice change of pace this week as DJ Rocca steps forth to pull together an eclectic session for us. Expect, dub, afro-beat, disco and of course a dash of chug. Rocca is rather busy of late, this month see’s a collaboration with Danielle Baldelli released on Nein Records, an EP for El Diablos, an edit on Paper’s new Trash The Wax offshoot and a remix on Mexico based Rude Boy. Also look our for his side project Crimea X paying homage to


Clandestino 042 – Jennifer Cardini


Very pleased to welcome along Jennifer Cardini to Clandestino podcasts. As one of the most prominent figures in underground dance music, Jennifer’s body of work has to date featured on some of the most seminal electronic labels of the last 15 years as a leading artists for Kompakt, Kill The DJ, Mobilee and of course her own Correspondant imprint. Her busy DJ schedule see’s her expertly spin a wide range of cutting edge sounds with strong influences from Detroit to her home city of Cologne. Jennifer’s mix is a sublime showcase featuring tracks from Matias Aguayo, Roman Fluegel, KZA, Legowelt, Soft Rocks, Prins Thomas, Rhythm Odyssey, Moscoman and more.



Clandestino 041 – Neil Diablo

Our good friend Neil from the institution that is El Diablos has sent us a great selection just in time for the party season. Neil has established El Diablos Social Club has one of Manchester’s greatest nights alongside Electric Chair and even the Hacienda. El Diablos has now spawned two record labels; the edits focused ‘Rack & Ruin’ and ‘EDSCR’ with recent music from DJ Rocca, Craig Bratley and Ron Basejam. Look our for an EP from ourselves on EDSCR next year



Clandestino 040 – Rothmans

artworks-000100029066-zp18pe-t500x500Rothmans is one of our ‘go to’ labels; guaranteed to always release music that fits in with the Clandestino ethos so we are pleased to have a mix for our series from them. We are assured the set contains mostly unreleased material with red hot cuts from Tusk Wax, Tim Fairplay and Brassica plus tracks from our EP that will be released on Rothmans next year