Clandestino 034 – Posthuman


Cousins Josh Doherty & Rich Bevan make up the London based slo-mo techno and acid house duo Posthuman. Producing tracks together since 1999, their brooding melancholic sound has seen recent releases on Tusk Wax, Body Work and Rothmans with a new double EP out soon on Horn Wax. Also look out for their jams on Barcelona’s ‘Polybius Trax’ out now on limited green vinyl



Clandestino 033 – Haules Baules


Logan Fisher aka Haules Baules steps forth this month to deliver a monster of a mix for us. Responsible for one of the biggest tracks in the last couple of years with ‘Creeper’, he’s one to watch for sure. His 3rd EP will be out soon on his self titled Haules Baules imprint.



Clandestino 032 – Man Power


After chasing him for what seems like an age we’re delighted to finally present a guest mix from Man Power. Who is he? Know one know’s for sure. What is for sure though is since a series intriguing, underground electronic productions appeared on a little known SoundCloud profile, coupled by what can only be described as (tongue in cheek?) homo-erotic imagery, Man Power’s stock has risen considerably leading him to release on Hivern Discs, IsItBalearic? and more recently Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant imprint where a debut album is imminent.

On Saturday October 4th Man Power comes to Leeds to play for us at Clandestino. Full details coming soon



Clandestino 031 – Antoni Maiovvi


We welcome Antoni Maiovvi for this month’s podcast. Antoni creates hyper-cinematic electro-disco. He is also the co-owner of Giallo Disco Records, a limited 12” label that is currently the only home for euro inspired dance music.



Clandestino 030 – Khidja


Delighted to have producers/DJs who have been making some of the most exciting music of the last couple of years step forward to put together this weeks podcast for us. Hailing from Bucharest, Khidja’s tracks on Emotional Especial and Forgotten Corner Records have captivated us with their hypnotic, electronic sounds flecked with a middle eastern influence. Very refreshing music. The mix promises an 80′s feel with some unknown new wave gems, an unreleased Cage & Aviary remix and their trademark eastern electronic vibe.

@Poor Relatives


Clandestino 029 – Coyote


Ushering in the summer season with a heavy dose of balearica are Coyote. Hailing from Nottingham, Timm Sure & Ampo are veterans of the UK acid house movement and are now purveying sublime eclectic music through their IsItBalearic? and Magic Wand labels. The ‘B’ word is oft over used these days to describe any old noodly nonsense, but Coyote retain the original balearic spirit designed for dancefloors and good times. Look out for our own EP on IsItBalearic Recordings later this year.


Clandestino 028 – Headman / Robi Insinna

Clandestino 28 - Headman

Delighted to welcome Headman aka Robi Insinna for this month’s podcast. We first met Robi when we invited him to play at our Polaroid party a few years back but we have been following his work for some time. His Relish Recordings imprint is one of Europe’s most discerning labels and always worth checking, with recent quality output from Scott Fraser, Dan Avery and Robi himself. The new Headman album entitled ’6′ will be out in September and features collaborations from Brassica, Emperor Machine and Bozzwell. Robi has directed his own video for it as well as some special prints so look out for those along with two vinyl samplers EP’s preceding the album in June. His mix includes the first track from the EP ‘Work’ featuring Brassica, turn it up!‎


Clandestino 027 – Black Merlin (Part Two)

Black Merlin (pt 2)

A welcome return for Black Merlin aka George Thompson who delivers the second part to his very well received mix for us last year. As one of our most popular sets to date, we’re delighted to present this second instalment. George continues to be very busy with a slew of new material due out soon. Look out for a partnership with Gordon Pohl from Musiccargo called ‘Karamika’. They have a debut LP out through ESP Institute which has been three years in the making. Another collaboration with Kyle Martin entitled ‘Spectral Empire’ will also be one to check while you can expect new Black Merlin material over the next couple of months on Crimes of the Future, Bhokari and our label of the moment Emotional Response


Clandestino 026 – Leftside Wobble


Some words from Leftside Wobble regarding his mix for us:

“Leftside Classics is a retrospective featuring some of the tracks that have meant the most to me over the last five years or so. These are the tracks that somehow always find a way back into my sets, tracks that rise above the transient and tracks that defy limiting genre pigeonholes. My sets have always been about joining the dots, celebrating the eclectic and supporting those tracks that exist in the rich hinterland between dub, funk, disco and house. Hopefully this retrospective captures that overriding ethos.

I’ve included a small selection of unreleased LW bits and a few exclusive versions of well known staples to keep things pushing forward too.

As ever hope you enjoy. x”


Clandestino 025 – Discodromo / Valentin Especial


Something a little different on this weeks podcast as Discodromo take time out from recording underground electronic club music for labels such as Internasjonal to deliver a beatless selection especially the lovers. If you find yourself in Berlin check out their CockTail D’Amore party, you can also find them playing regularly at Panorama Bar. Look out for the forthcoming ‘Ten Years of Phonica’ album which includes their track ‘Boi’. Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream…