Clandestino 067 – Daniel T

LA’s Daniel T makes a welcome debut to the Clandestino series. As one half of Cosmic Kids Daniel has contributed music to Throne of Blood, Let’s Play House and DFA Records and can boast remix work for Holy Ghost! and The Rapture. A solo EP / mini LP for Young Adults entitled ‘Tetrachromat ‘ is out now; we don’t need to tell you it’s essential. Dan’s DJ mixes are always a delight; full of colour and joyous melody. His selection for us is no different.



Clandestino 066 – Sprechen


Towards the end of the summer a new label appeared on our radar; it goes by the name of Sprechen and has been quick to pick up support from Ivan Smagghe, Pete Herbert and Jacques Renault. It’s not hard to see why; their first EP boasted strong cuts from Damon Jee with killer remixes from Hardway Bros and Ill Est Villain. Their second EP drops in the new year from our good friend Chris Massey which promises some hefty collaborations. Keep ’em peeled. Their mix for us showcases sounds that will they tell us will shape the label. Enticing…



Clandestino Radio Show – November 2015



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New Music

Percussion – Digital Arpeggios
Larry Young – Turn Off The Lights
Coma – Verse Chorus
Braden Schlager – Morning (Du Heaume Mix)
Lutto Lento – Mondo Hehe
Africaine 808 – Rhythm Is All You Can Dance
Selvy – Toucan
Autarkic – Golden Shades (Red Axes Mix)
Freebie of the month:
Massive Attack – Teardrop (Stillhead remix)
A Vision Of Panorama – Coastal Waves
Crystal Lake – El Mensaje (Noodlemen Remix)
Clandestino – Replicant (Unreleased) – Forthcoming Join Our Club Records

Classic Plastic
Leftfield – Inspection (Check One)

In the Mix

Black Spuma – Black Spuma
Jex Opolis – Harpa
Fantastic Man – El Tropo
Payfone – Quarantine
Space Coast – Get Away (Eddie C Remix)
Jack Pattern – Strawberry Galaxy
Craig Bratley – Photon
? Wild (Stwrdz Dub) Lumberjacks In Hell
Peter Katafalk – Pacific 202 (Maskia Acid Terrace Remix)


Clandestino 065 – Balearic Gabba Sound System

Marco Gallerani and Enzo Elia make up the sonically weird yet feel good DJ tag team Balearic Gabba Sound System. Their label Hell Yeah Recordings is a firm favourite, putting out essential releases from Templehof, Gigi Masin, Mushrooms Project and others. Their own output comes in the form of a new EP on Golf Channel next month plus a remix for Steve Cobby on Secret Life Music.



Clandestino 064 – Duke Slammer

POD (DS)Since 2011 Duke Slammer has released a highly collectable series of 7” vinyl and even a gold cassette championing a sound that’s heavily laced with moog bass, wonky drums and wiggly worm synth lines with funk always firmly on the agenda. His current release ‘Bangkok Skytrain’ on the excellent Cosmic Pint Glass label is an ass-shaking box jam made purely for thick smoked dark rooms pierced by green lazers. Look out for follow ups coming out soon some of which are included included in the mix.



Clandestino 063 – Heretic


Surprisingly we’d not yet showcased a mix from Heretic but all good things come to those who wait and suffice to say it does not disappoint. Heretic surfaced around two years ago with well received releases on Relish, Days Of Being Wild and Throne of Blood. His recent ‘Pollux’ single caused a splash with killer a remix from Lord Sabre himself, and forthcoming tracks on Tusk/Porn Wax and a really cool EP in collaboration with Buran on Beachcoma are well worth picking up