Clandestino 070 – Cabaret Nocturne

Very pleased to welcome Brussels native Raphaël de Sauvage alias Cabaret Nocturne to the Clandestino series. His recent EP’s on Join Our Club have all been essential, with previous output on Rotten City and Melómana of similar quality; no surprise since he cites New Order, Prince and Depeche Mode among his heaviest influences. His new EP ‘Blood Walk’ on Beachcoma is out this week; and his monthly K7 Nocturne podcasts are well worth seeking out



Clandestino Radio Show – January 2016



We’re down to the last few Clandestino slipmats in collaboration with Nowayback. High quality professional grade 12″ slipmats with the ‘Clandestino’ logo. Nowayback

New Music

Rodion – Allee Der Kosmonauten – Nein Records
Munk – Hot Medusa – Local Talk
Khidja – Aura (In Flagranti Remix) – [Emotional] Especial
Richard Ace – Jones Town Massaca – Emotional Rescue
Skatebard – Data Italia (2015 Remaster) – Full Pupp
Hatchback – Paradise Drive – Adult Contemporary
Yello – Live At The Roxy (NYMA’s X-cessive collage) – Define The Relationship
Gatos Negros – Chiptol (In Flagranti Remix) – Rotten City Records
Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch – Strelka (Capracara RMX) – Fat Cat
Felix Dickinson feat Robert Owens – A Day’s Reality – Futureboogie
Mr TC – TC Sound – Optimo Music
Kejeblos Feat. Momo Love – Just Me No You – Phantom Island
Cage & Aviary – Infatuation – Emotional Especial

In the Mix

James Rod – Olsen Disket (Original Mix) (Official) – Tici Taci
Oli Warriner – Twelve Young Sycamores – Nein Records
Pink Skull – EB Acid (Original Mix) – Melomana
Shit Robot – OB-8 – DFA
Concret – First Of All (Andre VII Remix) – Nein Records
Milion Kopek – Love Frustration (Vox Low Unreleased Mix) – Soundcloud


Clandestino 069 – Teniente Castillo

POD (TC)We’ve been in discussion with Madrid’s Teniente Castillo about hosting a mix for a while so we’re delighted to finally present it and it’s more than worth the wait. Teniente tells us the inspiration for the mix came from his early years discovering music, with a desire to incorporate sounds from back then with fresh, upfront and unreleased club cuts which he pulls off with great style here. Watch out for the next releases on his great Play Pal Music imprint, and his own unique ‘Dancing Below 100BPM’ mix series is well worth following.



Clandestino 068 – Private Agenda


Private Agenda mixes are always a joy and it is with great pleasure we present their Clandestino entry. Nick, Martin and Sean beautifully weave together elements of boogie, disco and classic house to form a contemporary balearic beat sound with live elements that was showcased with such style on their debut EP for International Feel earlier this year. A follow up EP is due next year with more exciting music planned on Catune, Wall Of Sound and Tusk Wax. Should you be in Berlin on January 9th head along to their next show at Sameheads to catch them live.



Clandestino 067 – Daniel T

LA’s Daniel T makes a welcome debut to the Clandestino series. As one half of Cosmic Kids Daniel has contributed music to Throne of Blood, Let’s Play House and DFA Records and can boast remix work for Holy Ghost! and The Rapture. A solo EP / mini LP for Young Adults entitled ‘Tetrachromat ‘ is out now; we don’t need to tell you it’s essential. Dan’s DJ mixes are always a delight; full of colour and joyous melody. His selection for us is no different.



Clandestino 066 – Sprechen


Towards the end of the summer a new label appeared on our radar; it goes by the name of Sprechen and has been quick to pick up support from Ivan Smagghe, Pete Herbert and Jacques Renault. It’s not hard to see why; their first EP boasted strong cuts from Damon Jee with killer remixes from Hardway Bros and Ill Est Villain. Their second EP drops in the new year from our good friend Chris Massey which promises some hefty collaborations. Keep ’em peeled. Their mix for us showcases sounds that will they tell us will shape the label. Enticing…