And so we come to our 100th episode. We have been lucky enough to have showcased some incredible mixes since we started; it’s truly been a pleasure to feature established guests as well as giving a platform to lesser known names. For this milestone mix we always had a particular guest in mind and we’re more than honoured they agreed to be a part of the series. Optimo’s musical ethos bleeds into the way we approach all our musical endeavours, be it a club night, DJ set, the label or indeed a mix series. We often find ourselves difficult to explain musically, which in this day & age of everything having to sit in its own box can on occasion be a source of frustration. But then when you look at Optimo who constantly and succesfully champion just great music who cares about genres. It’s a mantra that’s hopefully mirrored across our mix series. This year Keith and Jonnie enter their 20th year with Optimo; more relevant than ever with their exciting, eclectic DJ performances around the globe. Keith’s two labels Optimo Music and Optimo Trax are garnered to shining a light on new and unusual music both for the club and beyond. Thanks to Keith for putting this edition together and thanks to you , dear listener for being on the journey with us. Much love, Clandestino x