New Music

A Vision Of Panorama – Surf Blue (Mellophonia)
Bryan Ferry – Driving Me Wild. Leftside Wobble remix
Better Person – Sentiment (Mansions and Millions)
Island Man – Agit (MUSIC FOR DREAMS)
It’s A Fine Line – In Slower Motion (kill the dj)
Black Spuma – Gabula (International Feel Recordings)
Jupiter Liberation Front – The Front (Lips & Rhythm)
Acid Hamam & Richard Rossa – Shaman Disco (Tom Tom Disco)
Waffles – Gaufre (Waffles 004)
Coyote – Natural Way (IsitBalearic)
Jad & The Ladyboy – Macintosh Mike & His Magic Modulator (The Exquisite Pain Recordings)
Jiraffe – Out’a the Box (Crazy Club Dub) (Omaggio)


Rudy’s Midnight Machine – Shimmering Coast (Faze Action)
Black Spuma – Metallo Nero (International Feel Recordings)
Prins Emanuel – Exkursion (MUSIC FOR DREAMS)
Bruce Trial – Over Falls (Magicwire)
Clandestino – Desert Moon (Unreleased)
Syncrophone – Mondat (1977)
SHMLSS– Adriatic Swing (Nein Records)
Eyes of Others – Never Complain. Roe Deers Remix (Nein Records)
Marlon Hoffstadt – Coach Mike – Retrograde
Naduve – Ready Set Go (Saturn Memories Tahini Mix)- Disco Halal
MR TC – Teeth (feat. Merlin Nova) – Optimo Music

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