We’re down to the last few Clandestino slipmats in collaboration with Nowayback. High quality professional grade 12″ slipmats with the ‘Clandestino’ logo. Nowayback

New Music

Rodion – Allee Der Kosmonauten – Nein Records
Munk – Hot Medusa – Local Talk
Khidja – Aura (In Flagranti Remix) – [Emotional] Especial
Richard Ace – Jones Town Massaca – Emotional Rescue
Skatebard – Data Italia (2015 Remaster) – Full Pupp
Hatchback – Paradise Drive – Adult Contemporary
Yello – Live At The Roxy (NYMA’s X-cessive collage) – Define The Relationship
Gatos Negros – Chiptol (In Flagranti Remix) – Rotten City Records
Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch – Strelka (Capracara RMX) – Fat Cat
Felix Dickinson feat Robert Owens – A Day’s Reality – Futureboogie
Mr TC – TC Sound – Optimo Music
Kejeblos Feat. Momo Love – Just Me No You – Phantom Island
Cage & Aviary – Infatuation – Emotional Especial

In the Mix

James Rod – Olsen Disket (Original Mix) (Official) – Tici Taci
Oli Warriner – Twelve Young Sycamores – Nein Records
Pink Skull – EB Acid (Original Mix) – Melomana
Shit Robot – OB-8 – DFA
Concret – First Of All (Andre VII Remix) – Nein Records
Milion Kopek – Love Frustration (Vox Low Unreleased Mix) – Soundcloud