Clandestino 098 – Plastic Fantastic

John Clements and Eirik Wulff make up the Anglo-Norwegian duo Plastic Fantastic; an outfit responsible for dreamy, blissed out cuts on Aficionado, Night Noise and Los Grandes Recordings. Their mix for Clandestino takes a step[…]

Clandestino 097 – Aimes

Starting off our 2017 series with a woozy, hazy blend of cosmic, strung out disco and slow burning house touches is Aimes; production moniker and musical alter ego of Alabama born, Brooklyn resident Aman Ellis.[…]

Clandestino 095 – Les Yeux Orange

With a seemingly inexhaustable desire to showcase new underground, electronic music our kindred Parisian friends Les Yeux Orange are the go to collective for checking out bleeding edge club sounds. A busy DJ schedule sees[…]

Clandestino 094 – Eddie C

With a steady output of high quality cuts on Endless Flight, Wolf Music, Lumberjacks in Hell and his own Red Motorbike imprint, Ontario native Eddie C is as adept at covering downtempo, afro-cosmic sounds as[…]

Clandestino 093 – Chida

A real pleasure to welcome Chida to the mix series this week. Without question one of the finest of a new wave of DJs plying their craft across the world today; Chida made his name[…]

Clandestino 092 – Coyote

A welcome return to Coyote who contribute their second mix to the series. Rather apt too as our second release on the label from them is out now with mixes from Chida & Selvy. Timm[…]

Clandestino 090 – Kimo

Exotic autumnal sounds from Jakarta this week as we welcome Kimo to the series. With his release on Hot Digits riding high in the Juno Records chart and an EP due this month for IsitBalearic?[…]

Clandestino 088 – MR TC

Thomas Lea Clarke is DJ and producer out of Glasgow where he’s been turning heads internationally with his own brand of raw and fearless analogue dance music as MR TC. His first two EP’s ’Soundtrack[…]

Clandestino 087 – Zombies In Miami

With an indefinable yet deeply exciting sound that can work just as well out in the desert, forests or a warehouse; Zombies in Miami have in a relatively short space of time claimed the support[…]

Clandestino 086 – Roe Deers

Unassuming electronics this time out from Lithuanian duo Roe Deers; a Lithuanian-based audio-visual project led by Liudas and Oskaras. Often mistaken for brothers Liudas first started DJ’ing at his parents’ club at the age of[…]

Clandestino 085 – Borderless

Sharing a somewhat similar musical outlook to ourselves its makes perfect sense to invite the Borderless collective to put together our next episode. Made up of members from Scandanavia, Barcelona and Lithuania; their own mix[…]